How to Register a domain

How to register a DOMAIN

When you need to register  a DOMAIN NAME, this is what you have to do. If it's not too much trouble read everything before acting.

Think about a couple of good DOMAIN NAMES that you'd like to utilize. It won't do to consider stand out — it may as of now be taken (it most likely is!). You can discover some tips on picking a decent DOMAIN NAME from this article.

There's something else entirely to it than meets the eye.

You will require either a Mastercard or a PayPal account to pay for the DOMAIN. This is a prerequisite of most if not all enlistment centers. It will permit you to guarantee and get the DOMAIN NAME promptly on application.


Here is the step;

  1. The best place you can purchase a space name is   Go to, you will see the landing page of the

          Place your name in the case which says "Begin your space look", then press the "SUBMIT" catch.

  1. When you click submit, please type again your domain in the box, tehn click SEARCH .For example 
  1. If the domain name is available, then you should see the page below. I use the name "" as an example.
  2. Then click add to chart.
  3. Above add to chart, click GO TO CHECK OUT.
  4. Choose new customer and fill out all boxes.
  5. Choose payment method paypal or payza.
  6. scroll down and Click CKECKOUT. 
  7. Then you are in paypal now. If you have paypall account, type your use and password and click enter.
  8. Paypal will ask you the agreement and your transaction detail.
  9. Then click PAY NOW.
  10. That's All When It is successfull or not, Please open the ticket about your new domain we are ready to help you.


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